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Created on 2011-01-08.21:51:01 by doherty, last changed 2012-05-09.22:03:39 by paulproteus.

msg3203 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-05-09.22:03:39
From my end, I think this should wait until we stabilize the new way to write 
training missions.

Luckily Nathan has been making progress on that, and hopefully that might land at 
this weekend's sprint. Moving to 'later' for now (...sadly).
msg2970 (view) Author: aldeka Date: 2012-02-08.23:27:27
Asheesh, what's the status of this?
msg2642 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-11-10.00:15:50
We are bad at doing this in time. Anyway, it is not yet done.
msg857 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-01-29.22:01:07
Oops, we didn't quite schedule this in time. Let's hopefully do it in Feb.
msg764 (view) Author: palhmbs Date: 2011-01-23.21:35:30
Devel list has been sent a proposal message about getting a 
collab meeting together about this.

Time to be doodled about (

Meeting place:
msg701 (view) Author: doherty Date: 2011-01-08.21:51:01
To facilitate adding new missions to openhatch, we should document how they work 
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