Title Diff/patch mission needs more / better architected hints
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msg2916 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-01-28.01:10:22
I'm going to mark this a resolved for now, because:

* The first diff/patch mission now has hints that use tabs.
* The rest of them are going to be changed dramatically by the new plot.

You can see the new tab-based hints here:

Thanks to aldeka for reviewing this while on IRC earlier today. Deploying!
msg2915 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-01-27.23:07:04
I'm going to take this, and use a tab accordion.
msg2788 (view) Author: aldeka Date: 2011-12-04.22:46:58
On the first and second steps of the mission, all hints are available from the very beginning. The 
link to the patch man page is a good start, though -- we just need to hide away the intermediate 
and easy hints until the user asks for them.

On the third and fourth, there's hardly any hints at all. Links to documentation for grep and the 
syntax for sending a patch output to a file would be helpful here.
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