Title Github importer is generating ParsedBug objects with no _tracker_name value
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Created on 2012-09-26.05:15:42 by paulproteus, last changed 2012-09-27.01:20:46 by paulproteus.

msg3436 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-09-27.01:20:46
This is in. Could use more test coverage, but it seems to pass what tests there 
are. (-:
msg3435 (view) Author: jwm Date: 2012-09-27.01:01:19
msg3431 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-09-26.22:22:30
It seems to (at least) be true of the Github importer.
msg3430 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2012-09-26.05:15:41
I am running "python import_bugimporter_data /tmp/results.jsonlines".

What I expect is that it should import JSON data from the file specified without 
printing any warnings.

What I'm seeing instead is this error:

  File "/home/deploy/milestone-a/mysite/customs/management/commands/import_bugi", line 49, in handle
  File "/home/deploy/milestone-a/mysite/customs/", line 79,
 in import_one_bug_item
KeyError: '_tracker_name'

I believe we should adjust oh-bugimporters so that it refuses to export any 
ParsedBug item that doesn't have a _tracker_name value.

(My guess for the root cause here is that there's probably a bug in one of the 
bugimporter classes where it's not filling in the _tracker_name value.)

We can possibly do this with the help of an undocumented property of the scrapy 
Field class: "required". You can see that here:

An alternative is to add some of our own machinery that insists ParsedBug has 
this field set to a value.
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