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1018 1 week ago ValueError: Unknown password hashing algorithm ''. Did you specify it in the PASSWORD_HASHERS setting? unread paulproteus  
1017 1 week ago mysite/search/ crash on invalid ?start= parameter unread paulproteus  
1020 1 week ago django-inplaceedit probably introduces some security holes chatting ehashman sooner
599 10 months ago Write (or find) a Mailman monitoring check for Nagios, so that if the queue gets backed-up, we get notified chatting paulproteus later
646 30 months ago When a user hits a HTTP 504 gateway timeout, we should send an alert chatting paulproteus later
931 yesterday Upgrade to stable release of Django (v1.6) in-progress onceuponatimeforever  
919 2 months ago Sometimes /account/settings/location/ crashes chatting paulproteus  
1009 5 days ago UI for adding a project should be clearer chatting shauna  
1016 1 week ago Cron <deploy@linode> cd $HOME/milestone-a ; ./mysite/scripts/ python profile_hourly_tasks 2>&1 | grep -v DeprecationWarning | grep -v 'import ' | grep -v SubfieldBase (fwd) need-review paulproteus  
926 1 week ago Look into Tuffy's visual quality on Mac OS X & Windows in-progress paulproteus  
1014 2 weeks ago Configure the url for the wiki page. chatting anurag619  
736 2 weeks ago Missions: Create a page describing dependencies on Linuxy systems chatting paulproteus  
1010 3 weeks ago base test error in profile/ chatting onceuponatimeforever  
1008 3 weeks ago Text formatting in missions/tar/hints is messed up need-review eeshangarg  
969 1 month ago 'apt-get build-dep' command as per oh-bugimporters docs fails on empty sources.list chatting ehashman  
643 1 month ago Diff/patch mission needs a "quick reference" doc at the end need-review aldeka later
889 1 month ago MySQL-based test suite fails due to problems with fixture loading in-progress jwm  
922 1 month ago Create a way for site users to message each other chatting paulproteus  
998 1 month ago "503 Internal Server Error" due to Django request limit? unread ehashman  
981 2 months ago Remove Confusing Hint Words from Tutorial of Git Training Missions in-progress YaoChen  
985 2 months ago Add rendering docs process to oh-bugimporters chatting ehashman  
952 2 months ago Open redirect in logout URL reopened brittag  
957 2 months ago Loading data snapshot for oh-mainline with ` loaddata foo.json.gz` has poor UX chatting ehashman  
962 2 months ago Custom bug parser ignored in in-progress catherinedevlin  
977 2 months ago Accessibility issues with the home page chatting sigmavirus24  
971 2 months ago Need to find a replacement for the <tt> tag, as it is not available in HTML5 chatting eeshangarg  
966 3 months ago Blog entries RSS feed returning "Unknown Site" chatting thallada  
849 3 months ago clear as mud subversion installation for Mac in tutorial chatting fstopzero  
905 3 months ago Tar ball mission: unsuccesfull when compressing with respect of current folder chatting FilesUnknown 0.13.10
963 3 months ago Test for JiraTrackerEditingViews Fails chatting smendez  
964 3 months ago No way of requesting new trackers to be crawled unread craigbrett17  
667 3 months ago Safari appends ".txt" to tutorial's python script's name need-review alx  
920 3 months ago Document how to install GeoLiteCity need-review paulproteus  
941 3 months ago People Search - Search on Location ("near") field displays nothing chatting blues_chick  
691 3 months ago In redesign: Existing profile pictures may have wrong size need-review paulproteus later
206 3 months ago Remove BuildHelper tab completely in-progress aldeka later
944 3 months ago Headers inside blog posts should be a little bolder need-review brittag  
744 4 months ago /+projects looks a little ugly and intimidating chatting MarkTraceur  
935 4 months ago Mission: Using Subversion pt. 4 error chatting narroo  
943 4 months ago Updated wiki documentation on Loading a Snapshot of the OpenHatch database need-review blues_chick  
938 4 months ago strange result from canceling an openid request need-review 2mas  
891 4 months ago Get feedback on from a contributor, and improve it chatting paulproteus  
940 5 months ago Write an informative, welcoming wiki page that lists the 5 most important OpenHatch email lists chatting paulproteus  
866 5 months ago Create web UI to have a user delete themselves chatting paulproteus later
878 5 months ago Wiki sidebar should link to Special:RecentChanges chatting paulproteus  
844 5 months ago Subversion Mission for Mac - documentation and connection error to remote repo in-progress fstopzero  
927 5 months ago Adjust /search/ to do faceted browsing client-side chatting paulproteus  
928 5 months ago Use a cron job, rather than requests.get(), to update the blog cache unread paulproteus  
158 6 months ago Redundancy on Sugar project page chatting rafpaf later
879 6 months ago People search doesn't work need-review Mykola  
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