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917 yesterday CSRF and clickjacking vulnerability at need-review pik4chu bugZPDX
820 3 months ago make sure production secret key isn't the same as the one in the public repo resolved boblannon paulproteus
599 7 months ago Write (or find) a Mailman monitoring check for Nagios, so that if the queue gets backed-up, we get notified chatting paulproteus konarkmodi
585 19 months ago Roundup's search is unreliable resolved aldeka  
646 26 months ago When a user hits a HTTP 504 gateway timeout, we should send an alert chatting paulproteus paulproteus
438 29 months ago Logging in through Yahoo OpenID fails resolved jesstess  
659 8 months ago Vandalism on talk pages resolved jesstess paulproteus
113 17 months ago /+meta/ should have a "Percentage of users with cached bug recommendations" resolved paulproteus egor83
582 28 months ago Write first draft of "OpenHatch comes to campus" curriculum resolved aldeka paulproteus
691 5 days ago In redesign: Existing profile pictures may have wrong size need-review paulproteus mmilkin
206 7 days ago Remove BuildHelper tab completely in-progress aldeka onceuponatimeforever
684 1 week ago In redesign: Make profile page styling less messy; standardize arrows/>>s? resolved paulproteus  
747 1 month ago Voice input on search field doesn't correctly blank field resolved zitterbewegung  
866 2 months ago Create web UI to have a user delete themselves chatting paulproteus  
468 2 months ago Write public API docs for the /people/ JSON API resolved paulproteus paulproteus
158 3 months ago Redundancy on Sugar project page chatting rafpaf  
796 3 months ago Headings in "How can OH help me contribute" blog post don't expand when you click on them resolved rafpaf paulproteus
286 5 months ago Make adding people to Roundup's nosy list use autocomplete instead of stupid search thing chatting aldeka  
292 6 months ago Try harder to remove all use of celery chatting paulproteus nvinnik
725 7 months ago If you search for "string" in /search/ you find no hits even though a search for string succeeds resolved paulproteus  
246 8 months ago TRACKING: The projects page is not very useful, and is also very slow resolved paulproteus  
435 8 months ago Volunteer matches displayed incorrectly on project pages resolved palhmbs  
136 8 months ago Login righthand navigation is misleading chatting rafpaf  
444 8 months ago People map is showing all of Antarctica when it shouldn't chatting palhmbs  
130 8 months ago In /search/, number of bugs is easy to confuse with number of projects resolved paulproteus onceuponatimeforever
516 13 months ago Can't change the name of a project after initial save (via manual portfolio adder) resolved aldeka  
474 13 months ago Visiting a bad /bugs URL says an error has occurred chatting jesstess  
284 18 months ago Send notifications *daily* rather than *weekly* upon someone clicking, "I want to help" resolved paulproteus becdot
641 23 months ago Diff/patch mission needs a plot resolved aldeka paulproteus
643 23 months ago Diff/patch mission needs a "quick reference" doc at the end chatting aldeka  
692 23 months ago In redesign: Make default profile picture fit new 1/3 column proportions chatting paulproteus aldeka
666 24 months ago Missions: Switch subversion mission to purely use class-based views chatting paulproteus jacquiesue
721 24 months ago old_trac handling passes data through transits in an invalid way chatting paulproteus  
314 26 months ago Central logout out from Roundup partly fails. chatting pythonian4000  
637 26 months ago Design a plot for the tar mission chatting aldeka paulproteus
552 26 months ago Missions: after successfully completing a step, advance automatically to the next step chatting margamanterola  
535 26 months ago Add a "What you learn" section to the end of the git training mission chatting paulproteus  
450 27 months ago Searching at /people/ for someone's username should let you find them resolved paulproteus jacquiesue
543 29 months ago Make the manual profile editor usable chatting aldeka aldeka
630 29 months ago There should be a global list of project names that we change from short-form to long form unread paulproteus  
565 29 months ago Use cache-control headers so that anonymous pages are always cached by reverse proxies chatting paulproteus  
320 31 months ago Write extended version of LAYOUT for the wiki chatting paulproteus  
375 34 months ago widget has no height properties chatting Bananeweizen  
352 34 months ago OH should have a caching policy / style guide chatting aldeka  
283 34 months ago We should handle mentorship more reasonably chatting aldeka  
195 34 months ago Project Icons are not always extracted correctly from Ohloh chatting fhaag  
389 34 months ago Project importer UI is confusing chatting akkana  
418 34 months ago Logged-in home page chatting jessica  
351 34 months ago Projects view has unsafe caching. We should change that. chatting aldeka  
219 34 months ago Enable anonymous reading of Nagios status unread paulproteus