Author paulproteus
Date 2011-12-01.19:27:28
Right now, there is some duplication of data. For example, some people list
"Debian" on their profiles, and others list "Debian GNU/Linux".

This also shows up in bug import: SoaS appears as a string in the Sugar Labs bug
tracker, and the Sugar Labs bug parser could be responsible for upgrading this
"SoaS" string into "Sugar on a Stick" when it downloads bugs from the tracker.
Instead, it's easier if the bug parser doesn't have to be responsible for that.

So I think we should have a list somewhere of project names that we
automatically expand into their long forms. That list should be somewhere that
(at least) site admins can edit. Then whenever the backend searches for a
project whose name is something on that list.

One way to do this is to create a ProjectNameAlias model, and have it point with
a ForeignKey at a Project instance. Then the "edit" screen within a Project
could let anyone edit the aliases for a project.
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