How can I bring more contributors to my project?

You can start by letting new contributors know about your project.

  • Add a project and describe your involvement.
  • Once your project has been added you can proceed towards adding its bug tracker. (instructions)

New contributors are browsing this site to find a good project to join. Here's how you can make your project findable and attractive.

  • Provide answers for common questions like, "How do I get involved as a non-coder?" (see example) (get started)
  • On your bug tracker, tag some bugs as good for newcomers. Then import them into our index. (read more)
  • Within your personal profile on OpenHatch, mark yourself as a mentor for your projects.

We've created educational and community management tools that make it easier to onboard a new contributor.

  • Minimize the barrier to entry by embedding an "I want to help!" button on your project website (read more)
  • Link to our training missions (so you don't have to teach people e.g. what a patch is)
  • Browse prospective contributors, and keep track of when you contact them (available on each project's OpenHatch page)

We've thought about how to treat contributors well. Try our tips in your project.