Training Missions

Missions: Using Subversion

The set-up

You are an agent for Mr. Good, and you are trying to gain the trust of Mr. Bad.

Due to your charm and wit, he has offered you read-only access to the plans for an upcoming mission for one of his agents. He uses Subversion to keep track of the development of his plans. Your eventual goal is to modify Mr. Bad's plans. Your plan is to submit patches until he gives you commit access.

What you'll learn

You'll learn how to use a Subversion repository: you'll check things out, create patches, and commit.

If you want to know why people use Subversion, read more about Subversion.

Get started

This mission consists of three parts: checking out a working copy, creating a diff of changes to a working copy, and committing changes.

If you were logged in, you could create a repository that you could use to do these missions.