Training Missions

Missions: Finding the command line on Windows

Navigating through folders

When Git Bash opens, it starts "in" your user folder on your computer. The bash prompt shows you the current working directory, abbreviated slightly. You can see the full path by typing this and pressing enter:


Short, abbreviated command names are common in bash. This stands for "Print Working Directory." (Directory is another term for folder.)

You can list the files and folders that are underneath the current working directory by typing:


You'll find an entry labeled "Desktop" You can change into that directory with "cd":

cd Desktop

You should see that the prompt has changed to reflect that you are "in" the Desktop. Now when you ask for a directory listing:


You'll see all the things on your computer's desktop. If your desktop is empty, try creating a file and saving it on the desktop. Once you've done that, if you run "ls" again, you will see your new file.

You can change to the directory "above" the current working directory by using a special name, "..". Try typing these commands and pressing enter after each one:

cd ..

You should see the same directory listing as you saw first!

This concludes our tutorial. You might enjoy referring to the quick reference later on. For now, we suggest you go...