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    What Are the Different Programming Languages Beginners Should Know About?

    The digital technology is constantly expanding around us and new devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasing in number. Look around and you will see that with growing competition, web developers, programmers and programming help professionals are in high demand these days. Today, a number of programming languages are in existence and each of these serves individual functions and purposes.
    Are you a beginner as a web developer / programmer? As an experienced programmer, I would obviously recommend that you know the following programming languages.

    It is an object-oriented, class-based programming language that was created in the 1990s by Sun Microsystems.

    It is among the most popular programming languages today, and is used as a standard for building the Android OS, mobile apps, games, web-based content, enterprise software and more.

    You can use it to work across various software platforms. In other words, you can run a program written on Windows for Mac OS X as well.

    PHP (Hypertext Processor)
    It is a server-side, free scripting language that has been created for app development and dynamic websites.

    Instead of an external file, you can embed it directly into an HTML source document.
    This has made the programming language more favorable among programmers and web developers. The language is used to run Facebook, Digg, Wordpress and more.
    You can use it for easily and quickly enlarging a web app. It is a worthy programming language that is used to develop lots of content management systems (CMS).

    It is a server-side, client-based scripting language produced by Netscape. You can use it across different types of web browsers.

    It is regarded as perfect for creating animated or interactive web functions. It is used for writing desktop applications and for game development.

    JavaScript is highly functional while expanding the website.

    The language can be very useful for you in developing programming solutions and for communicating with your site. You can apply it for developing highly responsive UI, objects or scripts on web page, loading fresh images or for integrating animations into web pages.

    It is a server-side, high-level scripting language used for the creation of mobile apps and websites.

    It is used for powering web apps for Pinterest, Instagram etc and is also used by NASA, Yahoo! and Google.

    As a beginner, you will find it more or less easier to use due to its compact syntax and readability. This means you can use smaller code lines for expressing a concept, as compared to what the case is in other languages.

    It is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is implemented by the Apple OS. It powers iOS and OS X, and even the APIs. You can use it for developing iPhone apps. This has made the programming language get in high demand.
    In case you wish to develop iOS apps, it is important for you to have proper knowledge of Objective-C language.

    Objective-C is one of the best choices for programming languages for every web developer. Once you learn Objective-C, you can start using XCode and develop an iOS app quickly for the App Store. It is great for programming help.

    It is an object-oriented, dynamic scripting language that is implemented for the creation of mobile apps and websites.

    It was created to be an easy to write and simple language, which makes it very convenient for beginners like you.

    It is used on Shopify, Groupon, GitHub and Scribd. For beginners, it is a more or less user-friendly language similar to Python.

    It is clear-cut and strong, and can easily be learned. It is widely implemented for web programming.

    The programming language is accepted widely, and comes with prominent tools for system programming and more.

    Although the programming language is slightly confusing, it is actually a robust one to learn for beginners.

    It is used primarily for the expansion of web apps and websites, test automation, system administration, desktop app development and more.

    You can implement it for testing networking devices, web apps, databases and more.

    It is an imperative and general-purpose programming language that was created sometime during the early 1970’s. It is the most widely applied and oldest language that serves as a foundation for other popular languages like Python, JavaScript, Java and C#.

    It is used primarily for embedded applications or for the implementation of operating systems. It serves as the basis for numerous other languages.

    Thus, as a beginner, you should learn C first before you try other languages. If you do my programming project, which involves application embedding, you just cannot do without C.

    It is a slight improvement over C. C Plus Plus is used a lot in developing games for high-speed hardware devices. It is perfect for the development of robust software, desktop apps and mobile apps. It is regarded as the strongest language and is used in Windows and other important operating systems, and also powers big software systems such as Adobe programs, Winamp and Firefox. Once you learn it, you can use it for the creation of video games, client applications, high-performance server, application software and systems software.

    Once you learn C and C++, you can start using the C# language – which is the main language for building Microsoft services and apps. When you execute with ASP and .Net technologies, you have to be familiar with C#.

    This is a multi-paradigm language that is a section of the .NET initiative of Microsoft. C# blends principles from C++ and C, and is used for creating software for Windows and Microsoft platforms. Many programming solutions are built with C++ and C#.

    SQL (Structured Query Language)
    It is a language used for special functions, and is created for data management in relational database management systems. This is used most often for making search queries in informational databases.

    In the 1980s, it was made a standard by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).
    Being an expert in this language can help you to be proficient in fetching data from huge databases with many facets. If you are wondering – how to do my programming project on data management – SQL could just be the answer.