Kim Bratzel (bratzelk)

Melbourne, Australia


    This is a simple game to demonstrate the use of the Wikipedia API

    I created this project as a way to explore technologies such as Vue.JS, NodeJS, MongoDB etc etc

    There are two motivations which drove the initial development of this project. Firstly I had access to too many movies which were of very varying quality. I needed a way of quickly sorting them in some kind of meaningful way to avoid watching the terrible ones first. I decided that sorting them by their IMDB rating would be the most efficient way to achieve this. Secondly I thought it would be a fun, bite-sized project to make open-source and allow others to contribute to.

    Initially I wrote the whole script in a few hours in one relatively simple and yet long file. After I got it working I thought it would be nice to improve it, move to an OOP paradigm and share it with others. It still requires a lot of improvement and would be perfect for someone starting out their "open-source career" to get involved with.

    I started this project when I was at uni.