Erik Hom (erikhom)

Cambridge, MA, United States



    AIDA is an image deconvolution package that "cleans up" camera images in a powerfully pinheaded/scientifically-grounded way. AIDA has now become an industry standard in astronomy, and remains state-of-the-art for processing microscope images. Although AIDA has remained in the domain of a few experts, there's no good reason the AIDA approach can't be applied more broadly to improve images acquired by everyday digital/cell phone cameras. We'd love to have anyone interested in image processing and able to program in Python (and/or C++, GPU programming) to improve AIDA's usability and functionality, and take AIDA to the next level: into the hands of the general public.

    The Adaptive Image Deconvolution Algorithm (AIDA) package was developed mainly by Erik Hom while in John Sedat's lab at UC-San Francisco. Invaluable help came from from Sebastian Haase (creator of the Priithon platform) and Franck Marchis (Planetary Astronomer at SETI Institute & UC-Berkeley)