Graduating from university is an exciting time. For those that have chosen their career, the prospect of what can be achieved will be a huge motivation in the search for jobs. However, for students that have not decided where their career path lies, the excitement of graduation can be combined with feelings of anxiety.

    Choosing the Right Career

    There are a number of activities which students can perform to determine what type of job they would enjoy. Writing a series of lists can be very helpful. It is a good idea to start with the interests you have. This might include reading, writing, playing sports, socialising with friends or using a computer. It doesn’t matter whether the interest seems irrelevant to job opportunities as it is a useful way of compiling a personal profile. It is also useful to write down what skills you have. The combination of interests and skills may provide a clear answer about the right career. If not, it will help you to prepare your CV.

    Throughout some university courses there are opportunities to take part in work-experience programmes. Often these are organised by the university and provide students with important learning opportunities in the job market. If this is not an option as part of the university curriculum, it is still an important activity to consider. Organising work placements yourself can be more difficult. However, most employers are keen to cooperate and will often offer a few weeks of non-paid work. In some instances, work experience has led to permanent employment for students after they graduate. Even if permanent employment is not offered, it still enhances a CV.