P. J. MᶜDermott (pehjota)

Sussex County, NJ, United States



A programmer since high school, P. J. is mostly self-taught in software development, Web design, game design, systems administration, and copyright law. In 2012 P. J. received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he led a GNU/Linux group, gave presentations and workshops on free software and UNIX, and coordinated a talk by Bradley M. Kuhn. P. J.’s other interests include free and semi-free music (metal, rock, electronic, and symphonic), linguistics, photography, and karate.

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Spanish, Japanese

How to contact me

I can be reached on the freenode and OFTC IRC networks (nick "pehjota") or by e-mail (<mailto:pj+oh@pehjota.net>).

I sometimes help people with GNU software, toolchains, and build systems in #gnu and ##workingset on freenode.