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  • Q: I'd like to participate. How do I begin?

  • Q: Other than writing code, how can I contribute?

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      Documentation, User Support, Artwork, Bug Triaging

         — Mark Kretschmann (markey) · 9 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Discuss documentation, testing, webmastering, and/or publicity.

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        We need people to download version 0.4.5 and make sure the frobulator still frobulates correctly.

  • Q: What's a good bug for a newcomer to tackle?

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      Junior Job bug reports

         — Mark Kretschmann (markey) · 9 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Many projects have good small tasks that can teach newcomers how the project works. Now's your chance to share one of them!

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        Someone could improve the photo upload dialog box so that it lets you resize the photo before sending it to the web.

  • Q: What is a bug or issue with Amarok that you've been putting off, neglecting, or just plain avoiding?

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      last.fm tags integration, including adding last.fm tags within amarok and pulling tags from last.fm

      Amarok uses a custom feature called "Labels" to add bits of semantic data to tracks, these "labels" are essentially the same as last.fm tags. It would be greats if you could automatically pull in last.fm tags for a certain track/artist.

      Also, being able to add last.fm tags to tracks/artists would be very helpful (see the last.fm desktop client).

         — Casey (Ramblurr) · 9 years ago
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      Amarok with Nepomuk

      I think that amarok will be better if you add an opcion to integrer semantic data how the "stars", album, artist, or lyrics. Nepomuk shuld be a fantastic opcion to final user. I think that is difficult but only one opcion, It shouldn't yes. Excusme by my English.

         — Ayoze Hernández Díaz (ayoklinux12) · 9 years ago
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      • Examples:

        I don't know how to get started with internationalizing my app.

        Bug 392 about printing was filed five years ago, and I don't even know if printing still works.

        I want help from a C coder writing a Maildir patch for Alpine.

      • Note:

        If this issue was formally filed on the web, be sure to include the URL.

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About Amarok


Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows with an intuitive interface. It makes playing the music you love and discovering new music easier than ever before - and it looks good doing it!

from the profile of Mark Kretschmann (markey)

The code is mostly written in C++.

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