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  • Q: I'd like to participate. How do I begin?

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      Check out https://code.google.com/p/aida-deconvolution/.

      If you're interested in helping out, please contact me!

      Ways we are thinking of improving AIDA include:

      (1) creating a version in Python 3
      (2) getting FFTW working again
      (3) creating a GUI interface
      (4) recasting the representation/optimization of the kernel/point spread function in a more compact, computationally efficient form
      (5) creating a robust approach to guess the system point spread function in cases where the user does not provide any guess
      (6) improving the performance of image and point spread function pre-processing/cleaning modules
      (7) translating some components (TBD) into faster C++ code
      (8) developing a GPU (graphics processing unit) version of the code
      (9) exploring the use of AIDA to process images from consumer cameras

         — Erik Hom (erikhom) · 6 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Talk about diverse kinds of contributions. Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Examples:

        Here's how to download and patch our codes…

        Read about our death-defying mailing list and momentous IRC channel at http://lobstermag.net.

  • Q: Other than writing code, how can I contribute?

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      Help with documentation, tutorial development, testing, webmastering, publicity

      Although the code is reasonably well commented, we are in much need for having good documentation and tutorials to help newbies unleash the benefits of AIDA. Any help with that or managing related websites and improving wider use would be fantastic. Improvement feedback is also always welcome (esp. if we can get help to make improvements a reality!).

         — Erik Hom (erikhom) · 6 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Discuss documentation, testing, webmastering, and/or publicity.

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        We need people to download version 0.4.5 and make sure the frobulator still frobulates correctly.

  • Q: What's a good bug for a newcomer to tackle?

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      Reported crash if size of image/point spread function are different

      Some (presumably) lingering issues are described here: https://code.google.com/p/aida-deconvolution/issues/list

         — Erik Hom (erikhom) · 6 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Many projects have good small tasks that can teach newcomers how the project works. Now's your chance to share one of them!

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        Someone could improve the photo upload dialog box so that it lets you resize the photo before sending it to the web.

  • Q: What is a bug or issue with aida that you've been putting off, neglecting, or just plain avoiding?

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      see above!

         — Erik Hom (erikhom) · 6 years ago
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      • Examples:

        I don't know how to get started with internationalizing my app.

        Bug 392 about printing was filed five years ago, and I don't even know if printing still works.

        I want help from a C coder writing a Maildir patch for Alpine.

      • Note:

        If this issue was formally filed on the web, be sure to include the URL.

What else do you want to talk about?

AIDA is an image deconvolution package that "cleans up" camera images in a powerfully pinheaded/scientifically-grounded way. AIDA has now become an industry standard in astronomy, and remains state-of-the-art for processing microscope images. Although AIDA has remained in the domain of a few experts, there's no good reason the AIDA approach can't be applied more broadly to improve images acquired by everyday digital/cell phone cameras. We'd love to have anyone interested in image processing and able to program in Python (and/or C++, GPU programming) to improve AIDA's usability and functionality, and take AIDA to the next level: into the hands of the general public.

from the profile of Erik Hom (erikhom)

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