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  • Q: I'd like to participate. How do I begin?

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      The GitHub page describes how to install gedit-pig. Try making a change, for example adding a reserved word of your own to see that it is highlighted. After that, look at the instructions on how to make a syntax highlighter on the gtksourceview page.

         — Eyal (eyal) · 3 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Talk about diverse kinds of contributions. Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Examples:

        Here's how to download and patch our codes…

        Read about our death-defying mailing list and momentous IRC channel at http://lobstermag.net.

  • Q: Other than writing code, how can I contribute?

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        Discuss documentation, testing, webmastering, and/or publicity.

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        We need people to download version 0.4.5 and make sure the frobulator still frobulates correctly.

  • Q: What's a good bug for a newcomer to tackle?

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      • Tip:

        Many projects have good small tasks that can teach newcomers how the project works. Now's your chance to share one of them!

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        Someone could improve the photo upload dialog box so that it lets you resize the photo before sending it to the web.

  • Q: What is a bug or issue with gedit-pig that you've been putting off, neglecting, or just plain avoiding?

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      • Examples:

        I don't know how to get started with internationalizing my app.

        Bug 392 about printing was filed five years ago, and I don't even know if printing still works.

        I want help from a C coder writing a Maildir patch for Alpine.

      • Note:

        If this issue was formally filed on the web, be sure to include the URL.

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About gedit-pig


Pig syntax highlighting for Gedit / GtkSourceView editors

from the profile of Eyal (eyal)

The code is mostly written in XML.

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There are 13 people who can mentor in XML, gedit-pig's primary language.

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