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  • Q: I'd like to participate. How do I begin?

  • Q: Other than writing code, how can I contribute?

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      We've only got a single overworked documentation guy. We'd love to have someone aboard who would be willing to keep our wiki HOWTO up-to-date with the latest features.

      The wiki can be found at https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/HOWTO_Configure

      Basically, this person (or persons) would need to keep an eye on the sssd-devel mailing list and the SSSD bug tracker and make sure that new or changed features get updated in the HOWTO.

         — Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) · 8 years ago
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      Right now, the SSSD is developed primarily on Fedora Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We have some early support on Debian, SUSE and Ubuntu, but we'd like to encourage those communities to work more closely with us.

         — Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) · 8 years ago
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      The SSSD has a translation project available at http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/sssd/

      We're always looking for interested translators.

         — Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) · 8 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Discuss documentation, testing, webmastering, and/or publicity.

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        We need people to download version 0.4.5 and make sure the frobulator still frobulates correctly.

  • Q: What's a good bug for a newcomer to tackle?

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      • Tip:

        Many projects have good small tasks that can teach newcomers how the project works. Now's your chance to share one of them!

        Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Example:

        Someone could improve the photo upload dialog box so that it lets you resize the photo before sending it to the web.

  • Q: What is a bug or issue with sssd that you've been putting off, neglecting, or just plain avoiding?

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      Support netgroups, hosts and automount nameservices


      We have been postponing it due to the significant engineering effort involved. However, it is consistently requested by potential users. This would be an excellent place for a new contributor to work.

         — Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) · 8 years ago
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      Design a more flexible option-specifying system for the source code

      Right now, when a new option is added to the sssd.conf, we need to update multiple different places in the code (The SSSDConfig API, the Data Provider backend option list, possibly also the IPA data provider backend option list as well).

      We would much prefer to fins a way to generate these various option parsers at build-time from a single document.

         — Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh) · 8 years ago
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      • Examples:

        I don't know how to get started with internationalizing my app.

        Bug 392 about printing was filed five years ago, and I don't even know if printing still works.

        I want help from a C coder writing a Maildir patch for Alpine.

      • Note:

        If this issue was formally filed on the web, be sure to include the URL.

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The System Security Services Daemon is an advanced identity and authentication service providing hooks into the existing glibc nameservice and PAM systems. It provides stable caching for use when disconnected from the network.

from the profile of Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)

The code is mostly written in C.

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