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The most common reaction to OpenHatch that I get is a mixture of enthusiasm and confusion. People say things like, “I like the OpenHatch website. I haven’t taken the time to sit down and understand it, though.”

We understand it’s hard to keep track of all the things we’re up to lately. So we’re having an open house.

  • Where: #openhatch on (you can use use this webchat link or your favorite IRC client)
  • When: Sunday, 8:30 PM US/Pacific (or convert to a different time zone)
  • What: Read the meeting agenda. The objective is to show, in one hour, fans of OpenHatch what the website does and what we’re working on lately, and to offer you a time to discuss improvements and ideas.

The #openhatch chat room is publicly logged. If you’d rather not be logged, just join #openhatch-unlogged ; I’ll be in both.

If you’re excited about OpenHatch, even if you’re also confused, please stop by our open house!

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  1. Asheesh says:

    This was a good chat!

    If you want to read the transcript, check out the chat logs starting here:

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