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OpenHatch at PyCon 2013

by Asheesh March 12th, 2013

An OpenHatch sticker for every PyCon attendee!

OpenHatch will be at this year’s PyCon US, the yearly conference of Python developers and enthusiasts!

Visit our booth

Thanks to the generosity of the PyCon committee, we have a booth in the sponsor hall. If you’re interested in what we do, want to get involved, or have new ideas, stop by!

Additionally, we’re putting stickers in the conference bag of every attendee, so make sure you pick yours up.

If you’re involved in an open source project, and you want advice attracting or retaining new contributors, schedule a time to chat by emailing us !

See OpenHatchy talks

Jessica McKellar, an OpenHatch board member, is delivering a keynote on Saturday morning! She is also delivering two tutorials, Contribute with me! Getting started with open source development and A hands-on introduction to Python for beginning programmers. On Friday morning, she will explain How the Internet works in a conference talk.

Karen Rustad is teaching (with Asheesh Laroia as lead TA) a tutorial on Going from web pages to web apps, an introduction to web programming for relatively new programmers.

Asheesh is leading a panel on Scaling community diversity outreach, a discussion with organizers of the Chicago Python Workshop (Naomi Ceder), the Boston Python Workshop (Jessica McKellar), PyStar Philly (Dana Bauer) and Daniel Choi (Boston Railsbridge).

Additionally, his Scrapy: it GETs the web talk is based on his experience working with the OpenHatch community to rewrite oh-bugimporters, the code that powers the volunteer opportunity finder.

Donate to us

At the booth, we’ll be accepting donations from generous Python and outreach enthusiasts like you! We’ll have our signature T-shirts available as a thank-you.

It will also be a great chance to talk to us about the possibility of sponsoring OpenHatch as a whole, or our Open Source Comes to Campus for Women in Computing event series.

Stay for sprints

Like in 2011 and 2012, we are hoping for a very productive few days of sprints! We will be sprinting on OpenHatch during Monday and Tuesday post-conference.

If you want to see what sprints are like, check out this enthusiastic video of last year’s sprinters:

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