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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Milestone
917 2 days ago CSRF and clickjacking vulnerability at in-progress pik4chu bugZPDX later
599 7 months ago Write (or find) a Mailman monitoring check for Nagios, so that if the queue gets backed-up, we get notified chatting paulproteus konarkmodi later
646 26 months ago When a user hits a HTTP 504 gateway timeout, we should send an alert chatting paulproteus paulproteus later
906 yesterday Issues on that are actively being worked on or closed remain in our list of 'open issues'' testing mandarg ehashman  
871 yesterday Google Code bug importer API changes break our importer in-progress paulproteus shaunduncan 0.13.09
743 yesterday On /search/ , if you click the link to see all projects, you can't tell in what order they're sorted need-review paulproteus    
919 2 months ago Sometimes /account/settings/location/ crashes chatting paulproteus    
961 4 hours ago 'Saying Hello' Link not working under 'Getting More Involved' withinin Readthedocs need-review jjtgreen anurag619  
206 9 hours ago Remove BuildHelper tab completely in-progress aldeka onceuponatimeforever later
956 yesterday A section of the "Profile photo settings" page has some alignment problems unread eeshangarg mmilkin  
959 yesterday Remove RecentMessageFromCIA unread paulproteus    
920 yesterday Document how to install GeoLiteCity chatting paulproteus    
957 yesterday Loading data snapshot for oh-mainline with ` loaddata foo.json.gz` has poor UX chatting ehashman    
859 yesterday "Patching entire directories" step from diffpatch mission doesn't give any info on submit need-review csaiz   0.13.10
921 yesterday Document local_settings in-progress paulproteus cpallares  
691 2 days ago In redesign: Existing profile pictures may have wrong size need-review paulproteus mmilkin later
944 2 days ago Headers inside blog posts should be a little bolder need-review brittag hermitnoon  
948 2 days ago In diff/patch training missions, switch to "curl" rather than "wget" need-review paulproteus mbirdi  
890 2 days ago Create documentation on how to edit OpenHatch website CSS in-progress paulproteus anurag619  
744 1 month ago /+projects looks a little ugly and intimidating chatting MarkTraceur    
947 1 month ago Improve the UI of the edit profile page need-review onceuponatimeforever onceuponatimeforever  
935 1 month ago Mission: Using Subversion pt. 4 error chatting narroo tianyupu  
943 1 month ago Updated wiki documentation on Loading a Snapshot of the OpenHatch database need-review blues_chick tianyupu  
905 1 month ago Tar ball mission: unsuccesfull when compressing with respect of current folder chatting FilesUnknown tianyupu 0.13.10
938 1 month ago strange result from canceling an openid request need-review 2mas tianyupu  
939 1 month ago Non-MySQL tests are now failing because of remove method testing Aaron1011 blues_chick  
941 1 month ago People Search - Search on Location ("near") field displays nothing chatting blues_chick onceuponatimeforever  
891 1 month ago Get feedback on from a contributor, and improve it chatting paulproteus anurag619  
942 1 month ago Subversion- Broken Checkout Mission Instruction unread albedith paulproteus  
940 1 month ago Write an informative, welcoming wiki page that lists the 5 most important OpenHatch email lists chatting paulproteus    
866 2 months ago Create web UI to have a user delete themselves chatting paulproteus   later
878 2 months ago Wiki sidebar should link to Special:RecentChanges chatting paulproteus    
844 2 months ago Subversion Mission for Mac - documentation and connection error to remote repo in-progress fstopzero    
927 2 months ago Adjust /search/ to do faceted browsing client-side chatting paulproteus    
928 2 months ago Use a cron job, rather than requests.get(), to update the blog cache unread paulproteus    
926 2 months ago Look into Tuffy's visual quality on Mac OS X & Windows unread paulproteus    
158 2 months ago Redundancy on Sugar project page chatting rafpaf   later
923 2 months ago A project named "[other]" is listed among the list of projects. unread moijes12    
922 3 months ago Create a way for site users to message each other unread paulproteus    
879 3 months ago People search doesn't work need-review Mykola    
575 3 months ago wrong number of mentors on bitesize bugs page chatting brainwane    
889 3 months ago MySQL-based test suite fails due to problems with fixture loading in-progress jwm jwm  
909 3 months ago Possible security vulnerabilities [per] unread mandarg    
443 4 months ago People map shows people who live on Inaccessible Island when it shouldn't chatting palhmbs    
824 4 months ago Design plan to improve UX for /customs chatting havel havel 0.13.08
907 4 months ago django bite-sized bugs using out of date mechanism chatting crschmidt    
736 4 months ago Missions: Create a page describing dependencies on Linuxy systems unread paulproteus    
286 4 months ago Make adding people to Roundup's nosy list use autocomplete instead of stupid search thing chatting aldeka   later
901 5 months ago Update Wordpress theming documentation unread shauna paulproteus  
899 5 months ago Clarify role of "project leader" unread paulproteus    
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