Title Specify version numbers of our dependencies in buildout.cfg, so that buildout is "repeatable"
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0001-Fix-issue-349.-Add-version-info-to-all-packages-unde.patch TravisB, 2011-06-19.20:25:13 text/x-patch
msg2086 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-06-19.23:48:57
This looks great. I've pushed it to origin/master.

TravisB, in the future, try to write commit log messages that comply with

We're going to, as time goes on, want to try upgrading things in here to have
higher version numbers and see what breaks. For now, this is excellent.
msg2082 (view) Author: TravisB Date: 2011-06-19.20:25:13
Submitted fixed patch.  Weird that happened!
msg2080 (view) Author: palhmbs Date: 2011-06-19.06:19:48
TravisB, it looks like there is one small oopsy... 
At least when I ran buildout I got an error:
Getting distribution for 'Twisted==11.0.0'.
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'Twisted==11.0.0'.

I think it ought to be.. Twisted = 10.2.0 instead.
msg2079 (view) Author: TravisB Date: 2011-06-18.22:02:57
Submitted fix where we only specificy versions for:
     1) packages already listed under eggs in bin/buildout.cfg
     2) not supplied by the user (what we request for in the readme)
msg1345 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-03-25.23:37:08
It would be really nice if our buildout.cfg specified the version numbers of all
the Python packages the site depends on.
is a good tutorial on doing that.

This is "bitesize", probably, if you're interested in learning about Python
packaging and the "buildout" tool.
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