Title Move Bugzilla special-cases to the new "bugimporters" framework
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msg2777 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-12-04.21:58:38
Hi jillj333,

I just did this because we're getting to the end of 0.11.11 and we needed this
to be finished. But I hope you learned something, and there are are other
similar tickets that we can point you toward if you still have time.

Sorry to take it out from you without deassigning it earlier. )-: I meant to do
that but misplaced the ticket, which is bad form.

I hope I will continue to see you on #openhatch !
msg2719 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2011-11-17.20:58:09
We need to retire the old, lousy mysite/customs/bugtrackers/* code.
Each of the classes in mysite/customs/bugtrackers/ needs to be moved
to the new format. The MediaWiki one is a good one to start with.

More information on specific suggestions on how to do that here:
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