List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Milestone
320 31 months ago Write extended version of LAYOUT for the wiki chatting paulproteus later
587 31 months ago "Contact the prospective helpers" part of project page should work even if you are not logged in unread paulproteus  
551 32 months ago Mailman listinfo page is ugly and non-inviting unread paulproteus  
504 33 months ago When you log in with a password (not OpenID) then we lose the ?next parameter unread paulproteus  
503 33 months ago When you visit the login page without JavaScript, you see a weird empty page unread paulproteus  
502 33 months ago OpenHatch forum logo stands out unread 2mas  
375 34 months ago widget has no height properties chatting Bananeweizen later
352 34 months ago OH should have a caching policy / style guide chatting aldeka later
283 34 months ago We should handle mentorship more reasonably chatting aldeka later
195 34 months ago Project Icons are not always extracted correctly from Ohloh chatting fhaag later
389 34 months ago Project importer UI is confusing chatting akkana later
418 34 months ago Logged-in home page chatting jessica later
351 34 months ago Projects view has unsafe caching. We should change that. chatting aldeka later
219 34 months ago Enable anonymous reading of Nagios status unread paulproteus later
253 34 months ago Create a comprehensible workflow page that explains to new OpenHatch contributors how to work with us through git in-progress paulproteus later
423 34 months ago Project reordering in portfolio editor should use display names unread trisk later
416 34 months ago Logged-in home page contents only appear as one column (under some set of circumstances) chatting aldeka later
415 34 months ago New logged-in landing page should have customized links for "Attract contributors to your project" chatting paulproteus later
446 34 months ago Roundup should sort files by date. chatting palhmbs later
447 34 months ago The bug trackers wiki should mention something about our projedit bug_tracker adder chatting palhmbs later
410 34 months ago Project description twice chatting jessica  
425 35 months ago Logged in home page oddness chatting jessica  
407 36 months ago Toughness listing just bitesize chatting jessica  
285 37 months ago Refactor and document django templates chatting aldeka  
133 44 months ago Ordering behaviour of bug search needs revising unread pythonian4000  
945 yesterday Add a "subscribe to mailing lists" box to homepage chatting brittag  
396 yesterday we need an irc training mission! in-progress spang later
82 3 days ago /search/ should let you remove a project from the results list, during browsing chatting paulproteus  
954 1 week ago add "learn more" section at end of missions unread shauna  
953 1 week ago Exclude listing issues with a patch attached chatting ehashman  
949 1 month ago Allow guests to create missions before registering unread codersquid  
779 2 months ago oh-bugimporters: when a bug tracker moves base_url, what do we do with the old bug objects? chatting paulproteus  
925 2 months ago Support GitHub as a login provider chatting paulproteus  
929 2 months ago Re-design UI for results box shown on the /people/ page unread onceuponatimeforever  
433 4 months ago When you click to edit a bug tracker from the +projedit page, it should open in a little JavaScript modal dialog chatting paulproteus later
625 4 months ago Write custom bug parser for Python bug tracker chatting paulproteus later
884 4 months ago Need documentation about the test users on local machine unread raakshasi  
517 4 months ago Flash notifications could be prettier / more standardized chatting aldeka  
481 4 months ago Track users' buildhelper successes and display them on their OH profile chatting aldeka  
207 4 months ago OH buildhelper page has interactivity / remembers what step you were on in-progress aldeka later
885 6 months ago Add Page button on Portfolio Editor should only allow one entry box at a time chatting raakshasi  
526 8 months ago Logged-in project maintainers tab has too much copy, too little action unread aldeka  
673 8 months ago Prefil Google Code tracker fields unread techtonik  
675 8 months ago Project workflow (stages) unread techtonik  
809 11 months ago AutoComplete text box for searching project unread konarkmodi  
836 11 months ago Add conditional nudge links to profile landing page chatting florapdx  
848 13 months ago Applying patch to the directory unread tariq786  
830 13 months ago Your Queries Does Nothing unread Coffeeman  
814 13 months ago Add Mozilla Persona Authentication unread Kingino  
788 16 months ago Install AbuseFilter on OH wiki reopened mlinksva  
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