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Donation payments are processed by Paypal. (If you would prefer to use a different method, please email us.) Donations are handled by our sponsoring nonprofit, the Open Source Initiative, to support the Open Source Comes to Campus program. Also, as of November 2013, OpenHatch has received 501(c)3 status; we are classified as a public charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Why support OpenHatch?

OpenHatch is a non-profit that seeks to make free, open source software communities more vibrant, friendly, and diverse.

Your donation specifically supports our Open Source Comes to Campus program — this is what it looks like:

What we did in 2013

Open Source Comes to Campus

Open Source Comes to Campus is a series of workshops held on college campuses for introducing students to free software ideals, concepts, and tools, and walking them through making their first contributions to a free software project of their choice. For each event, we bring local free software project leaders to campus to help students get started in their project and meet real people who improve free software for work and for fun.

"Today has been very empowering for me regarding my computer and the ways I can manipulate it." — Attendee at Harvard's Open Source Comes to Campus event

Resources for free software communities

OpenHatch won a grant from the Python Software foundation this year to check in with Python user group organizers, enable communication and cross-pollination between user groups, consult with user groups to help make their events more welcoming, exciting, well-attended, and newcomer-friendly.

OpenHatch representatives had productive discussions with community managers and event organizers from all over the country and in a variety of language communities, both about making their communities successful and handling sticky situations for their group.

Photo by Michael Coglan, CC BY-SA

OpenHatch board members Asheesh Laroia, Karen Rustad, and Deb Nicholson, along with OpenHatch friends Lydia Pintscher and Marina Zhurakhinskaya, prepared a draft of The Outreach Cookbook, a written guide for free software project maintainers and user group leaders with tips and tricks for running successful events and maintaining healthy communities.

At PyCon US this year, OpenHatch representatives gave six talks and tutorials, answered questions at the OpenHatch expo hall booth, and participated in the PyCon Sprints. OpenHatch representatives were also present at OSCON, Open Source Bridge, SCALE, LibrePlanet, AdaCamp, linux.conf.au, and other conferences.

Tools for new contributors

The training missions on openhatch.org teach basic prerequisite skills for contributing to open source software, such as tar, diff and patch, and git version control.

OpenHatch also maintains a project rolodex on openhatch.org which automatically gathers "bitesized" bugs and other small, newcomer-friendly tasks from a wide variety of open source software projects. One can browse projects and bugs based on interests and desired programming languages. This makes it easier for potential free software contributors who don't know where to start to find a place to volunteer.

Photo by Diego Grez, CC BY-SA

OpenHatch's IRC channel, #openhatch on freenode , is a lively community where we mentor a bunch of new contributors, both on OpenHatch and on other projects. It's a great place to ask questions and get help working on bugs in a friendly, low-pressure environment. We've helped many people contribute to open source projects for the first time through this channel.

OpenHatch itself is a free software project. Over 26 people contributed to the main git repository that runs openhatch.org in 2013!

OpenHatch also mentored two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students this year!

sunu's GSoC project

Tarashish Mistra ("sunu" in #openhatch) has been working on modernizing the OpenHatch training missions by rewriting them on top of AngularJS and Oppia, an open source interactive teaching framework built at Google. You can track his progress at https://github.com/openhatch/oh-missions-oppia-beta , and try out the beta at //missions-beta.openhatch.org. Work progresses on merging this into the main openhatch.org website.

daveeloo's GSoC project

David Lu ("daveeloo" in #openhatch) worked with us to help take Ubuntu's state of the art contributor outreach system, named the Developer Advisory Team, and make it a pluggable Django app that can be used by any project. You can track his progress on the Greenhouse mailing list and our work together with the Debian Welcome Team on their email list .

"Open source has opened doors for me continuously for more than a decade. With open source, I have touched the lives of millions. I believe and hope that helping OpenHatch will help to open similar doors for many others." — Anonymous OpenHatch donor
Photo by Christopher Schmidt, CC BY

The plan for next year

Scaling Open Source Comes to Campus

  • Training others to run OSCTC events and providing them with remote support
  • Better documentation of everything involved in running OSCTC events
  • Better tools for curating newcomer-friendly tasks for individual events
  • Further curriculum development

OpenHatch-affiliated projects

  • Provide set of guidelines that are best practices for newcomer-friendly free software projects
  • Work with interested projects to help them better meet guidelines
  • List and promote affiliated projects that meet guidelines

Quantitative community management

Photo by Christopher Schmidt, CC BY
  • Track event attendance and diversity metrics
  • Keep track of and get feedback from event attendees on a set schedule
  • Help with Greenhouse roll-out in Debian and see how it affects contributions
  • Track #openhatch IRC channel activity and population
  • Finish Python User Group check-ins and publish results

We depend entirely on donations from companies and individuals to continue OpenHatch's efforts. If you are able, we deeply appreciate any donation you can make.

2014 donation thank-you gifts

Stickers: For >=$20 or $5/month

Stickers!!! Everyone loves stickers!

These are about 2"x2.5" vinyl stickers featuring OpenHatch's mascot, Sufjan the baby penguin.

T-shirt: For >=$150 or $10/month

Want to proudly mark yourself as a supporter of community growth and newcomer-friendliness in open source? Want a shirt with a cute baby penguin on it? Well.

The design has two sides--the art to the left on the front, the text "free software's welcoming committee" on the back. The two-sided design is printed on navy American Apparel t-shirts, made in the US and printed by a SF Bay area silkscreen printing company. Shirts are available in men's and women's sizes, XS to 2XL.

Please let us know your shirt size in the comments field when you donate!

Custom sketch: For >=$300 or $20/month

Photo by David, CC BY-NC

Want a drawing of a baby penguin riding a dinosaur to liven up your office? Donate to OpenHatch at this level and Karen Rustad, OpenHatch's lead designer, will draw you a custom doodle of OpenHatch's mascot Sufjan on 80 lb paper.

If you have an idea for what you want in your sketch, leave it in the comments field when you donate! Final sketch contents up to artist's discretion.

Scarf: For >=$1000 or $60/month

It's almost winter (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and it's getting chilly. Possibly too chilly for people to see you walking around in your OpenHatch t-shirt! But never fear. Show your love with a knit acrylic stadium-style OpenHatch scarf.

Pie: For >=$2000 or $150/month

Photo by Alicia, CC BY-NC

You are just too awesome. You overwhelm us. The only way we have to express our gratitude is by giving you a delicious pie.

The pie will most likely come from the most delicious bakery we can find in your vicinity. If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area or Boston area, we might bake it and deliver it ourselves!

Please include any dietary restrictions/allergies/&c. in the comments when you donate.