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  • Q: I'd like to participate. How do I begin?

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      <b>Get started</b>

      pratyk (and anyone else who wants to start participating): the best place to start is https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/How_to_become_a_MediaWiki_hacker , our "how to start working on MediaWiki" page. It's a resource hub and tutorial.

      If you are ready to start fixing bugs and writing new features, the Annoying Little Bugs page https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Annoying_Little_Bug is a good place to start.

         — Sumana Harihareswara (brainwane) · 7 years ago
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      I'm a Web Developer who has worked with PHP before on Drupal, writing custom modules, modifying existing ones to add / subtract features and so on. I do know a fair bit of JavaScript + HTML/CSS and I feel I'm good at reading code and figuring out how things work, and then modify things or reuse things to suit my needs. I feel I need to be more active in development again and possibly contribute to an existing project in general.

         — pratyk · 8 years ago
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         — tetronstadreggi · 6 years ago
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      • Tip:

        Talk about diverse kinds of contributions. Include URLs if relevant (we'll automatically linkify them).

      • Examples:

        Here's how to download and patch our codes…

        Read about our death-defying mailing list and momentous IRC channel at http://lobstermag.net.

  • Q: Other than writing code, how can I contribute?

  • Q: What's a good bug for a newcomer to tackle?

  • Q: What is a bug or issue with MediaWiki that you've been putting off, neglecting, or just plain avoiding?

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      Music markup

      We'd like for people to be able to include music markup in MediaWiki pages, for sheet music. See https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Music_markup for more details. If you're a musician or music enthusiast, this is a great project to tackle.

         — Sumana Harihareswara (brainwane) · 7 years ago
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      • Examples:

        I don't know how to get started with internationalizing my app.

        Bug 392 about printing was filed five years ago, and I don't even know if printing still works.

        I want help from a C coder writing a Maildir patch for Alpine.

      • Note:

        If this issue was formally filed on the web, be sure to include the URL.

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MediaWiki is an open source wiki engine written in PHP, used by Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects, and thousands of wikis. You can contribute to MediaWiki in all sorts of ways, including coding, bug testing, translating, and more. A good venue for new contributors is MediaWiki extensions. Most are written in PHP, but many are based in JavaScript, or use HTML, CSS, and more. Gadgets, which are short bits of CSS or JavaScript, are available as well. You can also work on templates made with Lua, improve skins, and help out with mobile development. Ready? Check out our Starter Kit!
Helpful links:
How to Contribute: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/How_to_contribute
Starter Kit: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Project:New_contributors/Starter_kit

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The code is mostly written in PHP.

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