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[edit] General contact information

Email us!

Chat with us on IRC! Feel free to say hello and ask questions. (If nobody responds, that probably means people are simply asleep, so try again later or email us instead.)

  • #openhatch on

IRC is a simple chat system. For an easy way to join in, click this web chat link. Otherwise, use any IRC client. The channel is publicly logged.

If you tweet or dent, catch up and converse via our microblogs.

OpenHatch people also follow our Facebook page and Google+ page. OpenHatch also has a subreddit for interesting links and a web forum. You can easily and painlessly keep up to date with OpenHatch by joining the announce mailing list, which sends a newsletter once a month.

[edit] Events

OpenHatch collaborates with open communities around software to organize outreach events that make them more active and diverse.

Discuss these and how you can use them for your community on the Events mailing list. The Open Source Comes to Campus event series also has its own mailing list for planning.

[edit] Found a bug? Want to request a feature? Contribute code?

File a bug in our public bug tracker.

Join the Devel mailing list for discussion of OpenHatch development, including improving the website code and user interface. This is also where we announce our approximately-weekly informal meetings on IRC, which are open to everyone.

[edit] Longer-term OpenHatch planning

Want to participate in broader, vision-type planning with us? Want to help us build a new social layer on top of free software and open source development? Join the Peers mailing list.

[edit] Everything else

Write We're friendly!

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